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Portugal Inventou a INTERNET!

 Segundo o "New York Times" de 29 de Junho, Portugal inventou uma versão da Internet à 500 anos. (para acesso ao artigo é necessária inscrição).

A seguir uma parte do mesmo artigo com  a descrição da exposição em Washington sobre os Descobrimentos portugueses:

“Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th and 17 Centuries”

WASHINGTON, June 22 — A little-known fact: A version of the Internet was invented in Portugal 500 years ago by a bunch of sailors with names like Pedro, Vasco and Bartolomeu. The technology was crude. Links were unstable. Response time was glacial. (A message sent on their network might take a year to land.) They put up with it all. They were hungry to gain access to the world.


The Portuguese, unlike the Spanish, weren’t of a settling-down disposition. They liked to do business on the move. Typically, they would sail into a port, make some lasting contacts, sell, buy and move on, repeating the same routine later. This isn’t to say that Portugal had no empire. It did have one, and for a while it was vast. But it was also, in a sense, virtual, taking the form of disposable property rather than real estate.


Referencia: Portugal, Conquering and Also Conquered

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