domingo, 10 de fevereiro de 2008

Intel Skulltrail - The Power of 8 Cores

In "Tom's Hardware":

Intel D5400XS With Quad-Channel

The Skulltrail system consists of eight physical processor cores that can be (over)clocked at speeds up to 4 GHz. We're sure marketing -minded people would love to advertise this as a 32-GHz system, but that would obviously be inaccurate. The motherboard sports two socket 771 processor sockets, each equipped with a quad-core CPU. Intel already demonstrated this platform at its last Intel Developer forum in San Francisco, as you can read here.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that Intel must have been under immense pressure when developing this new platform, though. Apparently Intel feared that AMD's quad-core Phenom CPUs, which had at the time not yet been released, would catch up to or even outpace the Penryn. Of course, ever since the publication of the article "AMD Phenom-The Spider Weaves its Web," the world knows that AMD is still trying to iron out some kinks in its newest CPU.

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