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Web Design

Devemos ou não usar Flash? Sim, mas apenas onde ele é necessário!

In "Web Design":

Web 2.0 sites don't have to be Flash. In fact, some people would argue that Flash isn't Web 2.0 at all. Most people feel now that a site is Web 2.0 if it uses modern technology, like Ajax and SOAP, to create a site that is a "platform" or an application, rather than just an information source or entertainment. For example, Gmail is a Web 2.0 application, while the Lexus site in his question is a Flash entertainment/information site.

Flash is a very powerful tool. It offers a lot of benefits to companies that want to provide video and animation on their sites. But it also offers some extreme drawbacks.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the difficulty in optimizing pages for search. Skyphoxx did not say what search terms he used to find the Lexus site, so it's hard for me to say how that site is optimized. When I look at the code, there is almost nothing on that site that would make it friendly to search engines. If it is ranking well, it's probably for either a very uncommon keyword phrase or simply because it's on the Lexus site, and so gets some priority from that. In my 95 SEO Tips and Tricks article, I recommend avoiding using Flash because search engines don't read them well. The best way to fight this is to create everything that is in Flash in an alternate site - so that search engines and anyone else who doesn't read Flash will still see the content.

Another thing to consider is that Flash isn't well-liked by many segments of the Web community. While animators tend to like Flash, people who visit my site tend to dislike it. If you really must create an all-Flash site (rather than using it for specific elements, like video), you should do a lot of user testing to make sure you aren't losing customers because they don't like Flash.

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