sábado, 5 de dezembro de 2009

36 Hours in South Beach, Fla.

In "NYTimes.com":

SOUTH BEACH gets a lot of abuse from residents. Too much cologne, critics say; too expensive, too crowded. But like other American meccas of decadence, SoBe still has an irresistible, democratic pull. For everyone from the pale Iowa retiree to the Bentley-driving rapper, it remains the place to strut shamelessly. And even jaded locals still indulge. They may not be taking photos. And perhaps they’ll be dressed a bit more causally, but bet on this: They’re checking in with the classics and keeping up with the latest trends like everyone else — except they don’t need to flaunt it.South-Beach


Florida > Miami > 36 Hours in South Beach, Fla.

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